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Story of first man on earth as told by Ugandans


The Baganda (Ugandans) say that Kintu lived very long time ago and he was the first man on earth. Kintu lived alone with his cow. High in the sky lived Mr. Gulu, the king of heaven and this great king Gulu had sons and daughters. Gulu’s children used to visit the earth.

One day Gulu’s beautiful daughter Nambi visited the earth with his brothers. On earth, Nambi went to the fields where Kintu used to graze his cows. Kintu who had no friends but instead used to talk to his cow saw Nambi.

Both Nambi and Kintu decided to marry themselves. They went to heaven to tell Mr. Gulu but Gulu was not happy at first because Kintu was a poor man. So Nambi insisted and begged her father to allow Kintu marry her.

At last Gulu gave hard tasks to Kintu. The poor man Kintu was very wise and brave that he did all the difficult tasks well. Gulu then allowed Kintu to marry Nambi. Kintu and Nambi prepared seeds because Nambi liked growing crops. Since there were no animals on earth, Nambi took chicken and some animals. Kintu and Nambi said goodbye to Gulu.

But Gulu never wanted Nambi’s brother Walumbe to go with Nambi on earth because for he brought sadness and sorrow to every one. At first Nambi managed to leave heaven without Walumbe’s knowledge. However on their way to earth, Nambi told Kintu to stop because she had forgotten millet for her chicken. On the way back, a man stopped her near the home. Nambi cried, “it is you Walumbe,” yes I am Walumbe, the man replied. Walumbe followed Nambi and Kintu on earth. Walumbe started killing Nambi’s children.

Gulu was annoyed of Walumbe’s acts and sent his son Kayikuuzi to bring Walumbe back to heaven. But Walumbe ran and hid at a place called Tanda in central Uganda. From there Walumbe continued to kill Nambi’s children although not all of them. Up to day the Baganda believe that there grandfather is Kintu. Even today the people of Buganda believe that Walumbe creeps out his hiding and kills them.


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