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Sudan NGO criticizes International Criminal COurt on Bashir Indictment

Sudan International Defence Group, a Non Governmental Organisation has strongly criticised the International Criminal Court for insisting on arresting the president of Sudan Omar- El -Bashir for alleged genocide charges opened against him in the court.

Sudan President, Omar Bashir

This comes at a time when there is topical debate amongst both the critics and sympathisers of the ICC on whether the ICC should be left with the power to try sitting presidents and a few days after the opening of the review conference on the International Criminal Court in Kampala.

The Secretary General of Sudan International Defence Group, Mohamed Hansari has told journalists in Kampala that the conduct of the ICC in insisting on arresting Bashir has stigmatised the Sudanese people and is likely to cause more instability to Sudan than restoring peace in the region.

Hansari says the insistence on arresting Bashir has stalled the development of a sustainable democratic process and maturity of the internal politics of Sudan thus making the country more susceptible to political instability.

Hansari says the insistence on arresting Bashir has also soured the relationship between the Sudan government and the United Nations which is not a good development for the country’s international relations.

The ICC Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo insisted at the Kampala meeting that the ICC and its member states are bound to arrest Bashir and hand him over for trial in the Hague based Court.

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