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Sudanese tribes vow to revenge on Ugandans after South Sudan conflict



The seeds of hatred in South Sudan against Ugandans have been consolidated by President Museven’s Kampala government.

Unlike in Uganda, most tribes in South Sudan consider their tribesmates as brothers and sisters. A single attack on let say a Dinka, Nuer, Mundari, Pojuru, Kakwa, Zande, and Nubian among others will be resisted by fellow tribesmates.

President Museveni of Uganda may be proud to have sent his army (UPDF) to participate in the massacre of people in Bor, Juba and Malakal among other cities and towns of South Sudan. Political observers say that the reckless move by Museveni’s regime will make Ugandans in South Sudan pay a big price in terms of more tourture, arrests, killings and confiscating their goods after the end of the insurgency. Most Sudanese today consider Ugandans as their number one enemy than President Bashir. Little did Museveni know that many people in government of South Sudan support Riek Machar though some of them are still serving in Kiir’s government.


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