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Symptoms and prevention of bronchitis


For any question about bronchitis please visit www.weinformers.net because we have written so extensively on this topic.  Signs and symptoms for both acute and chronic bronchitis include inflammation or swelling of the bronchi and coughing…we mean a cough that is frequent and produces mucus.

Other symptoms of bronchitis are production of clear, white, yellow, grey, or green mucus (sputum), shortness of breath, wheezing [a wheezing sound when breathing, which may or may not be present], fatigue, fever and chills, chest pain or discomfort and blocked or runny nose.

Acute bronchitis results in a nagging cough that lingers for several weeks even after the bronchitis resolves. Chronic bronchitis’s long-term inflammation leads to scarring of the bronchial tubes and airways, which leads to production of excessive mucus. Additional symptoms of chronic bronchitis include frequent respiratory infections and a cough that is worse in the mornings and in damp weather.



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