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Symptoms of HIV and AIDS

There are no symptoms of HIV and AIDS during the early stage of HIV, except some fever when the virus has first invades the body.

As the virus continues to invade, the following symptoms can occur in your body: Night sweats, fatigue, fevers, diarrhea, weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes, herpes, thrus [mouth fungus], mouth ulcers and
bleeding gum.

Several conditions are associated with full-blown AIDS. They include Kaposi ’s sarcoma [a type of skin cancer characterized by raised purple welts, eye problems [often related with cytomegalovirus, which can cause blindness], toxoplasmic encephalitis [a brain infection e.g brain tumor an mengitis], Epstein-Barr virus [also known as chronic fatigue syndrome], pneumonia and other respiratory ailments, candidiasis and cancer of various body organs.


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