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Activists for Change

Kaihura denies knowledge of A4C rally tomorrow

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has issued a statement in denial of receiveing a communicaton from Activists for Change in relation to the planned rally in Makindye tomorrow. The denial follows A4C’s pronouncement this week at their Katonga road headquarters in Kampala that they had launched a fresh move to walk to […]

Activists for change vow to continue campaigns against government

Pressure group Activists for Change have vowed to continue with their activities until Government finds solutions to people’s grievances. The A4C coordinator Mathias Mpuuga says that apart from the walk to work campaigns, they will continue several activities including sensitising the public about ways of forcing the Government to find possible solutions to the country’s […]

Police to name and arrest A4C funders

The people who Activists for change (A4C) activities in Kampala and across the country will soon be named and arrested by the police.   Intelligence reports indicate that many rich people in Kampala are secretly funding the activities of A4C. The latest CID report our writer has seen indicates that the organisers of A4C are using the money they […]

A4C letter to UTODA that got them in trouble with police chief Kayihura

Police have intercepted letters which members of Activists for Change (A4C) had written to UTODA and boda boda riders in Kampala. The letters had been signed by MP for Masaka Municipality, Mathias Mpuuga, according to police. The CIDs have shown these letters to this our journalist and they read as follows: We (A4C) are writing […]

A4C Ingrid Turinawe trains supporters how to survive tear gas

Here is the real information that Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC woman leader passed on to Activists for change supporters in what has turned out to be a treasonable case according to Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura. Turinawe says that dictators across the world uses tear gas to intimidate people striking to achieve democratic leadership. She says […]

President Yoweri Museveni warns walk to work protesters

President Yoweri Museveni has warned Action for Change activists against their planned resumption of walk to work protests which he says are aimed at disruption senior four and senior six exams which are set to begin on Monday October 17th. This follows an announcement by A4C coordinator Mathias Mpuga that they are resuming their wal […]

Opposition to continue with walk to work protests

The opposition pressure group, Activists for Change insists it will go on with its planned protests, even as government issues fresh warnings against it.   Police yesterday fired teargas to disperse a crowd that had gathered in Nyendo, Masaka where FDC President, Rtd. Col Kizza Besigye and other opposition leaders addressed them. Speaking to the […]

Activists for Change halt protests to see if Uganda budget addresses concerns

Activists for change A4C has put their walk to work campaign on hold for two weeks as they review the new budget to ascertain whether it caters for the main issues of public demand. The National coordinator A4C Mathias Mpuga Nsamba told the media in Kampala that for the last three months of their campaign […]

Activists for Change announce more protests against government

Activists for change have launched a series of new campaigns to follow the walk to work, walk to pray campaign which was launched earlier geared at informing the government of the issues affecting Ugandans. Speaking at a press conference today in Kampala, the national coordinator of A4C, Mathius Mpuga says they are starting with prayers on […]

Activists for Change refuse to stop walk to work protests

The Activists for Change have vowed not to rescind in their walk to work campaign until the Government comes up with a solution for the cause. The A4C National Co-coordinator Mathias Mpuuga has hailed the campaign saying it has borne fruits including the International Recognition set for an agenda and the public have not been […]

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