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70% of women in Uganda produce babies with spina bifida

    Many mothers all over Uganda continue to give birth to children with spina bifida and hyrocephalus. Research has shown that 70% of these impairments can be prevented by increased intake of folic acid supplementation, eating food rich in folic acid like fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, and liver, among others and eating foods that […]

How to manage spina bifida?

  Prevention of further damage to bladder and kidneys can be achieved through routine catheterization to fully empty the patient’s bladder. This procedure called Clean intermittent Catheterization [CIC] can be taught to children from four or five years of age and to parents. A tube is inserted through the patient’s vagina or penis up to […]

Northern Uganda study finds most mothers deliver at traditional birth attendants

A new study carried out in Northern Uganda indicates that the number of women who are delivered by Traditional Birth Attendants has doubled. The study which was conducted by World Vision early this year indicates that every month monthly close to 20 women are delivered by Traditional Birth Attendants down from 10 recorded last year […]

Causes of umbilical cord accidents

  Causes of cord accidents or obstructed labour that is to say the baby gets stuck on its way either because it is too big or the mother’s bones are too narrow. There is also umbilical cord prolapse-this is when part of the cord drops out of the birth canal especially when ‘waters’ break through, […]

Good diet helps in prevention of spinal bifida

  Having a good diet helps us to prevent spinal bifida. This is the most common of a group of birth defects in Uganda and around the world known as neutral tube defects. Neural tube defects affect the central nervous system that is the brain and spinal cord. The cause of this defect, according to […]

Uganda to fine women for giving birth

Uganda to fine women for giving birth Terrible! Uganda government is set to fine women and girls who give birth at their homes. The move is intended to quash the trend of women who shun hospitals during pregnancy. The leaders of Adjumani district in northern Uganda explain that the law has been made because many […]

Buganda Lukiiko members ask Kabaka to produce mother of new born prince

  Buganda Lukiiko members have asked the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to produce the mother of the new born prince, Richard Semakokiro. The Lukiiko members (supreme Buganda kingdom organ) told the Katikkiro of Buganda JB Walusimbi to ask the Kabaka to produce the mother of the new born prince because millions of […]

Kabaka bans talk on whereabouts of new born Buganda prince

  Following the publication of a photograph of a woman who the editorial team of the New Vision Group believed at the time to be the mother of the new born Buganda prince, Richard Semakookiro, the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has asked all people in Uganda and across the world to stop […]

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