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More Ugandans live on alcohol consumption and drugs

Countries like America, United Kingdom and South Africa where many Ugandans migrate to get odd jobs are worried after researches revealed that 45% of the Ugandan youths wherever they are live on drugs and alcohol.   This is contained in the research findings collected by Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL). The programmes director of UYDEL, […]

Health benefits of dairy products

Health benefits of dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are so many to the consumers. The health benefits of milk, cheese and yoghurt include good bone health, smooth skin, strong immune system and prevention of illnesses. Drinking milk, cheese and or yoghurt prevents hypertension, and it prevents against dental decay. The consumption of […]

Causes of cleft lip

The causes of Clift lip are not so specific, but the presence of clefts in a family increases the chances. Other causes of cleft lip are vitamin deficiency and taking poor medication, and consumption of large amount of alcohol. Exposure to smoking environment in early pregnancy, exposure to x-rays at an early stage of pregnancy […]

Alcohol consumption causes cancer

  Over-consumption of alcohol linked is to cancer. Almost 10% of all cancers in men and 3% in women in Western Europe are caused by people drinking too much alcohol. The scientist in German analyzed  this data from France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Britain  and found 50,400 out of a total of 79,100 cases […]

Benefits of orange consumption to human beings

Consumption of oranges can help in dealing with the following ailments: Oranges have been associated with keeping blood pressure under check mainly owing to the presence of magnesium. Regular consumption of orange juice can significantly increase high density lip-protein and improve the low density lipo-protein ratio of a person. These ratios help to keep the […]

Kadaga appeals for early cancer screening

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has called for a mandatory tasting for cancer in Uganda as way of combating the disease in the country. Speaking at the inauguration of health week in the parliamentary commission Kadaga said that the proposal for mandatory tasting was made last year but government is yet to take action. […]

MP Akena rides bicycle to parliament

Everyone would expect that a son to the former president of Uganda twice, Apolo Milton Obote, Jimmy Akena would be driving escalades to go to parliament but this is not the case for Akena. Our informers got the surprise of the day yesterday when Akena, who is the Lira Municipality MP, arrived at Uganda parliament riding a bicycle. Akena […]

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