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Police arrests opposition leaders for walking while going to court

Their vehicles were recently shattered during the recent demonstrations, but the police and the government in general doesn’t want opposition leaders to walk on foot or use public means while visiting markets, courts, places of workshop… Some of the opposition leaders like Kenneth Paul Kakande (the spokesperson of the Democratic Party) have no cars because […]

Opposition parties threaten to pull out of National Consultative Forum

Members of opposition political parties including Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Democratic Party (DP) have threatened to pull out of the National Consultative Forum (NCF) because president Museveni’s government doesn’t listen to their concerns. The leadership of opposition parties have told us that they supported NCF in the beginning but it has now turned […]

People in America listen to Uganda radios on phones

  Where technology is taking the world few people seems to understand. Now when someone is in USA and wants to listen to radio stations in Uganda can only pick a phone and start listening for free of charge. Radio Simba FM (Uganda) has pioneered a new technology that enables people (Ugandans in US) to […]

Police threatens to close CBS radio over belittling government officials

One of the conditions reportedly set by the central government before the reopening of radio CBS FM was to respect government, ruling party, the National Resistance Movement and its officials. But we have been told that the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura has reportedly written a letter to the management of CBS […]

Why FDC calls some of its MPs ‘rebels’?

In our first news report we told you that FDC has branded some of its MPs in the Uganda ninth parliament as rebels. The rebel MPs in FDC we are told are those FDC members who criticise the party president Col. Kiiza Besigye whenever he goes wrong. Like in NRM, Besigye doesn’t want people to […]

312 billion shillings stolen on KCCA bank accounts

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is in shock after about 312 billion shillings meant to develop markets in the city went missing on the council’s bank accounts. KCCA has consequently established a committee comprised of councilors to investigate the whereabouts of the said money. Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says that the committee is headed […]

Professor Mamadan urges Ugandans to demonstrate

Uganda’s leading and renowned scholar professor Mohmood Mamdani has said Ugandan opposition is too weak and it cannot takeover poor from the ruling government. The scholar says that for any meaningful change of government to take place inUgandathe people need to be willing to go on the streets in large numbers on a daily basis […]

Zuena now resorts to taxi transport

Gargamel crew first lady and singer Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena has turned to using boda bodas and taxis to move around the city. Zuena, a mother and also an upcoming artist has been seen a number of times by our informers in Kampala jumping into taxis or on boda bodas like ordinary persons. Recently Zuena […]

Uganda’s opposition leader Col. Kiiza Besigye says he doesn’t read Red Pepper

We think that it is better for politicians to read all newspapers within and outside the country in order to get peoples views, challenges and aspirations.  But this is not the case with the FDC President, Col. Kiiza Besigye. He has told the members of FDC inKampalathat for him he doesn’t read the Daily Red […]

Besigye does not call people on MTN

FDC president, Col. Kiiza Besigye has amazed Ugandans when he told his pals in FDC that he does not call persons on MTN numbers. He says that if the call is a must he uses a call box to do so but never on his mobile phone.  Besigye has an airtel line. He barred what […]

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