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How to have better relationship and satisfy your partner in bed

This is a book that those of you considering an intimate relationship and especially great sex need to have. Whichever name you chose to call it, sex is one of the most important aspects of our adult lives. Many people like to have sex and enjoy it. But for one reason or another many do not […]

Foods to eat to avoid malnutrition and achieve good health

  Avoid food items that make you flush. Doctors at CaliforniaUniversity say that spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol tripwires for most Rosacea sufferers. Sugar and iodized salts may also dilate your blood vessels. Learn which foods bother your skin and eliminate them from your diet. Be careful of foods and drinks that are hot in […]

Why women fall for young boys

The trend to day have left many women getting married to men younger than them unlike in the past where  a man had to marry a lady who was  younger since it was considered that this lady could have more respect for the man. So many young men are seen comfortably dating older women and […]

Great Tips For A Great Night.

  When it comes to sleep some people don’t bather how they go to bed.  Sleep is so much important in our life and its better if we plan for it and know the right thing to do before jumping in our beds. What to do Shower or bath to get off that dirt. This […]

World Bank roots for good governance in Africa

The World Bank has advised resource rich countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to build strong institutions that promote good governance, rule of law, accountability, and increase transparency so that the natural resources can benefit their citizens. The World Bank further says despite the slowdown in the global economy, Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the fastest growing […]

Benefits of Amaranth seeds (Doodo) to human beings: Treats cancers and diabetes

Amaranth seeds (Doodo) contain about 12%-13% protein. Unlike most grains, doodo seeds contain lysine, a type of amino acid which helps to build, maintain and repair body tissues. Amaranth flour is also high in dietary fibre. It contains three times as much as fibre as wheat and twice as much as corn and Oats. Because […]

Dangers of cleaning virgina with soap

  Hundreds of us are guilty of using soap douching (washing or cleaning the birth canal with water and other mixtures of fluids, soap or perfumes). The birth canal has good bacteria that keep bacteria and infections away. Douching and using soap therefore, upsets the natural balance of good bacteria in the virgina (virginal flora). […]

International Humanitarian Law Scholarships in South Africa

LLM Scholarships in South Africa: A number of Scholarships are available for International students at Pretoria University. The Scholarships are available for the following courses: Human Rights and Access to medicines Human Rights in Africa Good Governance The Management of Human Rights Institutions International Humanitarian Law Development and Human Rights International Law Admission will be […]

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