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Opposition parties threaten to pull out of National Consultative Forum

Members of opposition political parties including Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Democratic Party (DP) have threatened to pull out of the National Consultative Forum (NCF) because president Museveni’s government doesn’t listen to their concerns. The leadership of opposition parties have told us that they supported NCF in the beginning but it has now turned […]

Professor Mamadan urges Ugandans to demonstrate

Uganda’s leading and renowned scholar professor Mohmood Mamdani has said Ugandan opposition is too weak and it cannot takeover poor from the ruling government. The scholar says that for any meaningful change of government to take place inUgandathe people need to be willing to go on the streets in large numbers on a daily basis […]

Traders strike in Uganda enters day two

 Hundreds of shops in Kampala, Mityana and Masaka are still closed for a second day as thousands of traders remain seated on the verandas of their closed shops. The security in Kampala as usual is tight and the policemen are going on to arrest the people they suspect to be mobilizing traders to become violent. […]

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