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NEMA day: minister Mutagamba lost it all

The ministry of Lands and Environment organised a pre NEMA day in Luzira in one of the wetlands that had been reclaimed by the so called investors. This area measuring approximately 50 acres had been reclaimed by the investors destroying all the natural vegetation and the Lake Victoria breathing point and this was very visible […]

Researchers name dirtiest places in homes

  Latest research shows that among the dirtiest places in our homes/ houses, toilets or chickens are the doors. The research discoveries indicate that doors harbour all sorts of diseases causing organisms. The germs on door handlers are introduced by people that touch them depending on what one is suffering from for example alimentary canal […]

Apply for ICARDA Internship

ICARDA Internship: ICARDA’s internship program is designed to provide practical experience in research and other areas of the Center’s activities for eligible applicants. The subject should be of mutual interest to the intern and the hosting Program/Unit of ICARDA. The internship will usually be for a period of one to six months, as per the […]

Dangers of wearing second hand clothes

Wearing second hand underwear without washing them first with a detergent can transmit genital warts. Signs of genetal warts may appear in about three months or in a year. After infection signs, pain comes when passing out urine. Another sign of genetical warts are bleeding during sex and chronic itching in the genetical areas and […]

Lukwago, Besigye not supposed to inform police when touring Kampala, president Museveni told

  The Lord Mayor of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is not supposed to inform the police or not even president Museveni/ Uganda government when doing his work including road inspections, touring city markets, visiting hospitals, churches, mosques, political party headquarters, night clubs, taxi parks and business centres. On the other hand, the President of […]

Nine FDC supporters face murder charges

  Members of opposition Forum for Democratic Change have spent the whole of today in shock after the state preferred murder charges against their supporters arrested yesterday. The spokesperson of police, Judith Nabakooba says that FDC supporters are in detention over the killing of a policeman John Bosco Ariongo. Some of the FDC supporters facing […]

500 jobs available in Uganda

The coalition for health promotion and social development, a national health rights organization and the action aid are to recruit professionals who can work under minimum supervision to fill the following posts: programme manager- community empowerment programme, programme assistant- community empowerment programme, programme officer administrative and human resource, programme officer research and monitoring, programme officer […]

The president of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Museveni wooed me out of DP

  Kampala former Mayor, Hajji Nasser Sebaggala has revealed that president Museveni used him to fight DP promising to make him great in the country’s politics. In a shocking revelation to his supporters on Saturday at his Bugolobi home, Sebaggala said he was not happy with president Museveni. “He used me to fight DP and […]

Uganda female music ace Grace Nakimera hooks Mzungu

Singer Grace Nakimera has also joined the Bazungu craze by reportedly hooking an old Mzungu working in Nile Breweries and residing in Muyenga. Nakimera these days is seen in company of an old mzungu whose name we shall not reveal now. On Monday the couple stormed Club Rouge hand in hand and the singer kept […]

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