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Where meat wont touch, beans will

Beans are healthier than meat, yet they are most ignored or only considered when someone doesn’t have enough money to afford meat. Beans are second to grains in supplying calories and protein worldwide, promoting health heart as they are rich in fibre, a substance that helps one to reduce blood cholesterol and contributes to healthy […]

Connection between high blood pressure and heart disease

  Today we are privileged to bring to you the connection between high blood pressure and heart disease: Doctors from Mulago Hospital say that blood pressure is controlled by flexibility and overall side of the blood vessels. Inflammation and excess cholesterol reduce the flow of blood, which ultimately increases the pressure within the blood vessel. […]

Heart disease linked to age and gender- new scientific discoveries

    Is heart disease linked to age or gender? The answer is YES. The person’s risk of developing a heart attack increases significantly with age. Studies indicate that more than 80% of the people who die of heart disease are 60 years of age or older. Men have a greater risk of developing a […]

Does diet play part in development of heart diseases?

  Does diet play a part in the development of heart diseases? The answer is YES. People across the globe are look and they are what they eat Every choice people (we) make today will impact them the next day, week, months, years or decades to come tomorrow. Our diet plays a significant role in […]

How smoking and heart disease linked

  Smoke contains chemicals that damage the lining of the blood vessels, producing inflammation and increasing fatty deposits in the arteries. Ingredients like nicotine raise blood pressure, increase heart rate and also reduce oxygen flow to the tissues, according to medical research findings at Mulago hospital. Smoking is a destructive lifestyle choice that doctors and […]

Why old people should limit salt intake?

  Old is not a disease. However there are a number of conditions that may develop and are likely to develop during old age. These include sight and hearing problems, and brain atrophy. This has to do with emotional and memory intelligence (cognitive problems), and kidney disease. This usually occurs after one has developed conditions […]

Eat tomatoes to prevent heart disease.

Tomatoes they’re sweet, juicy, and delicious and have vitamins and low in calories yet they’re fat-free. Tomatoes are most especially grown in the shade due to its weak stem The tomato is considered as fruit and vegetable, it can be consumed in different ways, by eating it raw, using it as an ingredient in many […]

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