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Intelligence briefing: Al Shabaab terrorists plan fatal attack on Uganda

Intelligence briefing: Al Shabaab terrorists plan fatal attack on Uganda Uganda’s intelligent network has got information that the Al Shabaab fighters are planning to use masked men and women to gun political and religious gatherings in Uganda. A source in state intelligence told our reporters that the fighters want to launch simultaneous attacks even on […]

US forces arrest Joseph Kony

It sounds unbelievable but it is true. The most wanted man by the US garrison and Uganda soldiers is about to be arrested. Sources in Uganda’s army, the UPDF tell us that using technological help from the US, the army has relocated the place where the LRA leader Joseph Kony is hiding in the Central […]

Intelligence report asks Museveni to create jobs for youths to reduce their involvement in demonstrations

An intelligence report by the Chieftaincy of Military intelligence (CMI) has advised president Museveni and his government to create more jobs for unemployed youths in order to reduce their involvement in strikes, crimes and demonstrations. The report signed by one of the directors of CMI in charge of economic monitoring indicates that Uganda/government stands to […]

Uganda sells guns, ammunitions to Kenya

  Intelligence network in Uganda has started investigating claims that some Ugandans sell guns and ammunitions to Kenya. Sources in Uganda’s security told our informer that some of the people involved in illegal firearms trade include policemen and members of other security organs. It is said that the armed officers in the army, and police […]

DP to petition European Union parliament over Tullow oil questionable deals with president Museveni

President Museveni might have used his powers to direct his minister for energy to sign an oil deal with Tullow Oil without the support of the people he rules, but the wrath of Ugandans keeps on growing every day. The members of the Democratic Party, the oldest opposition party in Uganda have vowed to petition […]

Intelligence reports split FDC

Reports of spies having penetrated into Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have tornUganda’s main opposition party into several factions, Walakira Nyanzi reports.    The members of FDC are now divided into tribal factions with the northerners accusing the Baganda and Banyankole of being spies in FDC while the Baganda are accusing their counterparts from Rukingiri (Bakiga) […]

Intelligence: LRA rebels reorganizing

Latest intelligence indicates that some ruminants of LRA rebels have started reorganizing themselves in an attempt of advancing towards Uganda this Christmas season. Security sources say that by Thursday last week, the Ugandan army got information that LRA rebels had sent spies to Nimule (an area located on the Sudan – Uganda boarder). In a […]

ADF, LRA plan to bomb Kampala Uganda

Security has been beefed up in Kampala and Entebbe following intelligence reports that the Al Shabaab terrorists are planning to use bad hearted people in Uganda to strike on Kampala during the Christmas season. According to very impeccable intelligence sources, the security chiefs from ISO, CMI, police and ESO are in secret plans trying to abort the ill plans of the Al Shabaab […]

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