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John Ken Lukyamuzi

Lukyamuzi hopeful after leaders conference in Nairobi

The  Conservative Party has expressed hope in the East African federation just after the political party leaders conference convened in Nairobi where they deliberated on issues in the region. According to CP president John Kenny Lukyamuzi ,the resolutions of the conference citing having a joint electoral commission which shall oversee the existing commissions, restoring term limits among […]

Opposition scoff at President Museveni threats over Mabira giveaway

The Opposition in Parliament has vowed not to bow to pressure from President Yoweri Museveni to go slow on his efforts to give away Mabira Forest. Last week, President Museveni announced that he was planning to give away 7,100 hectares of the forest to Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited. On Tuesday, President Museveni, while meeting […]

MPs concerned over Inspector general of Government corruption prosecutions

Members of Parliament have accused the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Raphael Baku of selective prosecution of alleged corruption suspects. Legislators have expressed anger that many of the suspects are cleared by the IGG with a handful being prosecuted in the courts of law. Members of the ninth Parliament, MPs Muhammad Nsereko (Kampala), Nebanda  Cerinah (Butaleja) and […]

Lukyamuzi threatens Museveni over unpaid court fees

The President of the Conservative Party Ken Lukyamuzi the man has given the state two weeks to pay him 500 million shillings or he goes to court to seek an injunction blocking the national resistance movement candidate Yoweri Museveni. The Supreme Court ordered the government to pay Lukyamuzi costs and damages after he sued the […]

Lukyamuzi prepares to demonstrate at Parliament

The President General of the Conservative Party, John Ken Lukyamuzi prepares to stage a peaceful demonstration any time at Parliament following the House’s refusal to pay him 43 million shillings. Parliament deflected responsibility for the payment of emoluments in compensation to Lukyamuzi who court ruled recently was illegally removed from Parliament in 2005. The Deputy […]

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