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lightening causes

Minister Musa Ecweru disassociates lightning from witchcraft

The Minister of State for disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru has warned the public against victimizing others on the ongoing lightening disasters in the country. The warning came after journalists asked the minister as to whether this disaster is not connected to African magic; a matter which some journalists said is common among some people in […]

Mulago hospital waves user fees for lightning victims

Mulago hospital is to wave medical fees to assist one of the children who were struck by lightning in Kiryandongo district on Tuesday. 15 year old Fred Baguma lies in the hospital unconscious and is feared to have suffered brain damage. The nursing team in charge of three (3) B emergency surgical wards Margret Tagina […]

Ministry of Education to ensure schools have lightening conducts

The minister of education Jessica Alupo has presented a statement in parliament explaining what the ministry was doing to avert the lightning from striking schools. Alupo told parliament this afternoon that the ministry is planning a comprehensive inspection for all government schools across the country to ensure that they have lightening conductors. Alupo said that […]

Uganda Meteorology department advises in lightening strikes prevention

The government has advised all schools and the private sector to put in place lightening conductors on their buildings to avoid being struck by lightening. According to commissioner meteorology Nkalubo Micheal, teachers and the general public should also avoid taking shelter under trees during rainy times, in addition to walking in open places like playing […]

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