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Buganda officials complain over absence of Luganda in proposed curriculum

A delegation from Buganda kingdom has petitioned MPs from Buganda over the alleged scrapping off the local languages in the proposed ordinary secondary level curriculum. The delegation led by Matthias Bwanika Mulumba say that the ministry of education proposed English, Kiswahili, French and Arabic as the languages to be taught in schools leaving the local […]

UPC: Amama, Sam Kutesa about to flee

The traditional adage in Luganda says that when people are advising the children from well to do families, the children of the poor have to keep listening. The president of Uganda Peoples Congress Dr. Olara Otunu has advised supporters of the ruling political party in Uganda to stop mistreating people. He says that when the […]

Besigye predicts Museveni’s political downfall

Uganda’s opposition leader, Col. Kiiza Besigye has again predicted the political downfall of Uganda’s president, Gen. Yoweri Museveni. Besigye has told the leaders of Activists for Change (A4C) today at Katonga road that Museveni’s term of office may last for the next two years. Besigye says he recently interacted with an old man on Entebbe […]

Gen. David Tinyefuza out of intelligence office, Gen. David Sejusa in

Uganda’s most feared army general; David Tinyefuza has denounced the name ‘Tinyefuza’ and adopted the name ‘Sejusa.’ So with effect from today Gen. David Tinyefunza will be called Gen. David Sejusa. Sejusa is a Luganda word that means ‘I don’t regret.’ Some sections of Ugandans allege that the general has adopted the name because of […]

Vision Group apologies over wrong photo of Prince Ssemakookiro’s mother

The Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga has apologised for the using the picture of another woman they claimed was Rose Nansinkombi, the mother of Kabaka Mutebei’s new Prince Richard Ssemakookiro. This is after Barbara Patience Kirabo the woman whose photo was run addressed a rpess conference demaning for an apology and compensation of 500 million shillings for […]

Comedian Kato Lubwama in new music deal

After so many years of try and lose in the music industry, comedian Kato Lubwama is back with a six track love music album. Kato Lubwama is widely known in the theatre industry.  Kato Lubwama has also been surviving on playing adverts, creating jokes on CBS fm and manning theatres because he could not stand […]

Captain Juma Seiko knows music to its fullest

Captain Juma Seiko has come out to show to all people that even though he is an army man he knows music to its fullest.  Reports from his family have it that the captain who is an aide to president Museveni’s brother, Gen. Salim Saleh indicates that Captain Seiko in collabo with Loketo Lee is […]

Cameras banned at club Rouge in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala

The media houses that have been capitalising on photographs got from Club Rouge in Kampala must now be in tears after the management of the social scene banned all cameras from entering their premise. The Kanyamas have been put at all the club entrances to ensure that no person enters into the rouge with a […]

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