DP to sue Mafabi over defamation

DP asks Nandala Mafabi for evidence of collaboration between the president of DP Norbert Mao and the DP legal advisor Fred Denis Mukasa Mbidde. Mafabi has been accusing DP of allying with NRM over EALA elections. The DP spokesman Kakande Kenneth Paul says that DP has instituted a commission of inquiry into the so called […]

Mao appoints NRM’s Bernard Luyiga DP envoy in charge of universities

  In politics every person is important. Makerere University councilor Bernard Luyiga is now full of smiles after the president general of the Democratic Party (DP) Norbert Mao appointed his party’s special envoy in charge of universities. Luyiga formerly a member of DP made an alliance with NRM councilors at Kampala City Council in a […]

Ugandans in north to hold round table meeting

  Ugandans in the northern Uganda are to hold a round table meeting and also conduct victory party for some of the people who contested on opposition party ticket and won the polls. The round table meeting will take place on Thursday this week in Nwoya district at a place called Lukutu. The round table […]

NRM sponsors DP cadres to fight Mao

My name is Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the legal advisor of the Democratic Party. I have evidence that some of our party members Simon Peter Ochene, Gerald Kobwemi, John Tumusiime among others are being used by the NRM government to destabilize the Democratic Party and I have written to the party to convene disciplinary committee meeting […]

Norbet Mao of DP buys new house in Luzira

It seems the presidents of opposition parties inUgandahave a secret source where they get cash. After John Ken Lukyamuzi of the Consevative Party and FDC president Col. Kiiza Besigye bought houses in Kololo and Makindye respectively, we have got information that Norbert Mao, the president general of DP has bought a pad in Luzira.  We […]

I will not expel Banyarwanda-Mao

It looks like DP President Norbert Mao is ready to give a try of presidential campaigns in the next general elections. He told the people of Masaka Municipality over the weekend that he will not mistreat Baganda or expel Banyarwanda living in Uganda when he comes to power. Mao says that although he comes from […]

DP to give out medals to its royal members

  Democratic Party (DP) president, Norbert Mao is to give out medals to some of its members who worked hard for Brenda Nabukenya to win Luweero district woman MP race. A source in DP tells this journalist that Mao is so pleased that after 26 years the party has got an MP from Luweero. We […]

DP vows to win NRM in Jinja East MP race

The Democratic Party vows to defeat NRM party in Jinja East parliamentary by elections come January next year. The seat fell vacant last week after the high court nullified the victory of Igime Nabeta (NRM) over lack of academic qualifications and voter bribery. The DP president General, Norbert Mao says that DP has got money […]

Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago to resign mayorship

  We have heard that Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is planning to resign and leave his deputy in the daily running of KCCA affairs. A source in his camp tells this informer that Lukwago will resign in around 2015 in order to contest for DP presidency and consequently contest for president of Uganda . […]

DP Uganda in serious financial crisis

The Democratic Party of Norbert Mao badly needs a ‘financial drip’ if this oldest opposition political party in Uganda is to survive for another year. Insiders in the party have told our informers that the party needs at least 10 billion shillings to rejuvenate its activities on the grand and pay off its accumulating debts. […]