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How to protect your foot against injuries, diseases

  Foot care tips for you. Wash your feet daily and trim your toes and nails because long nails can harbour bacteria which cause infections. Seek medical attention and have wounds treated appropriately in order to avoid hurts on your foot. Check your feet for blisters, cuts, sores, redness or swelling almost everyday. Learn to […]

Get opportunity in Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships in US

The Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships of up to $15,000 are awarded to undergraduate or graduates to study in the United States or abroad. About 180 scholarships are awarded to outstanding undergraduate, graduate, law, and professional students who are exploring the principles, practices, and institutions necessary to a free society through their academic work. Each […]

Apply for UN.GIFT Small Grants

UN.GIFT Small Grants: UN.GIFT has established a Small Grants Facility with the overall objective to increase and improve support structures for victims of human trafficking around the world. Through a Call for Proposals, relevant organizations will be identified and the most promising projects will be selected. Civil society organizations will receive grants either to sustain […]

Red Cross calls for Volunteers

Red Cross Volunteers are engaged in youth programmes, first aid, ambulance services, mountain rescue, telephone help-lines, disaster management, support for refuges and internally displaced people, health campaigns, advocacy and a myriad of other services with the aim of improving the lives of the vulnerable in communities. Volunteer work is different from paid work. Volunteering has […]

How to treat ringworms?

  How to treat ringworm: Soak and wash clothes with a detergent or discard clothes worn by some one suffering from ringworms. Avoid sharing clothes, combs, socks and bedding sheets with an infected person. Bathe everyday and use medicated soaps or liquids. In case of skin folds, have your skin checked for infections treat them […]

Dangers of touching on toilet brushes

  Have you ever thought about the debris that rests on a brush after you have used it to clean inside our toilets? Some of the brushes we use to clean our toilets at home are stored in bowl-like containers. But both the brush and the bowls our brushes are kept after cleaning the toilets […]

Duke Law School announces Scholarships in USA

Duke Law School Scholarships: Duke Law School has established two half-tuition merit scholarships for extremely well-qualified students to attend the LLM program. Outstanding applicants should submit with their LLM application a letter including the following information: (1) a statement describing major professional, academic, and other qualifications, (2) reasons for applying for the scholarship, such as […]

Why you need to remove make ups before bedtime

  In our first issue on make up we told you that it’s dangerous to go to bed with makeup. To remove make-up from your face you can use a facial wash or a cleanser. But why do you need to remove make up before bedtime. The doctors say that removing make up helps your […]

How to do Pilates at home

  How we can do Pilates in our homes. Lie on your back with legs straight and arms stretched above your head and shoulders down. Keep your back flat on the floor, slowly fit your arms towards the ceiling as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Slowly roll forward, peeling your spine off […]

Pilates shape body and strengthen torso

  Pilates have a number of benefits in our bodies. They shape the body and strengthen the torso. The people who do it improve posture and overall health. It promotes and strengthens the muscle development as well as flexibility and improving the joints and the back. It safely increases the length of our muscles especially […]

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