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Pressure increases on Catholic Church to allow optional marriage for its priests

A senior Uganda priest and popular entertainer, Fr. Athony Musala has appealed to the Catholic Church to allow optional marriage for its priests as the best way he says to curtail the sexual crimes being allegedly committed by the Catholic clergy. Fr. Musala, 55, says the Catholic Church still maintains the “fable” that most catholic priests […]

Why Uganda is not independent from European colonialists?

Is Uganda really independent when over 40% of our budget is sponsored by European colonial powers? When people are in causality and ward 3B of Mulago hospital waiting and getting no medical attention, ‘waiting to die,’ when one ‘s freedom can be taken away anytime, like in the case of col. Kiiza Besigye and Kampala […]

Attack of Mbuya barracks: one day could be another terehe sita cerebration

On Monday March 4th a group of suspected opposition elements attempted to force entry into the nuclear of Mbuya army barracks. The attackers, whom eyewitnesses tell us looked so determined to force entry at Mbuya barracks, fired several bullets inside the barracks. The army and defence spokesperson, Col. Felix Kulayigye confirmed the incident after journalists […]

Where meat wont touch, beans will

Beans are healthier than meat, yet they are most ignored or only considered when someone doesn’t have enough money to afford meat. Beans are second to grains in supplying calories and protein worldwide, promoting health heart as they are rich in fibre, a substance that helps one to reduce blood cholesterol and contributes to healthy […]

Why Sebaggala and sons business is ‘fading’?

  Showing off by business persons is too much in Uganda according to research findings. A Ugandan businessman gets a loan to buy let say a car. Some Ugandans use their hardly earned capital to live a flashy lifestyle, imagine someone staying in a house worth five billion Ugandan shilling! Five billion shillings is enough […]

How to notice stroke warning signs

  A stroke is always a medical emergency. If you have these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention: sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arms or legs, sudden vision changes in one or both eyes, sudden difficulty walking due to dizziness, loss of balance and in-coordination and sudden piercing headaches without cause. Stroke happens when […]

Hepatitis B breaks out in Uganda

  Hepatitis B has again broken out in Uganda, killing over 10 people in less than a week, officials in the ministry health in the government of Uganda have said. Tens of people infected by Hepatitis B are admitted at various health centres across the Republic of Uganda. But the sad news reaching our health […]

How to prevent stroke? Symptoms of stroke

    You should change your life style. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol levels, keep them under control. About 30 minutes of exercise daily a least 5 days a week will be good. Try to lose weight in case of obesity. SYMPTOMS OF STROKE: You may experience a […]

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