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UPC: Amama, Sam Kutesa about to flee

The traditional adage in Luganda says that when people are advising the children from well to do families, the children of the poor have to keep listening. The president of Uganda Peoples Congress Dr. Olara Otunu has advised supporters of the ruling political party in Uganda to stop mistreating people. He says that when the […]

Senior UN diplomat calls upon Ugandans to join struggle against Museveni

Former UN diplomat Dr. Olara Otunnu has called upon all Ugandans within and outsideUgandato join the struggle against president Museveni’s regime. Otunnu says Ugandans need to join the struggle such that they restore sanity in their country. Otunnu says that the government inKampalahas walked away from its duties of working for the people. The former […]

Opposition parties send EALA candidates to parliament for vetting

  The leaders of opposition parties are through with the list of candidates they want to represent them in EALA. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has chosen its iron lady Salaam Musumba, and former MP Augustine Ruzindana to be its candidate for EALA. The Uganda Peoples Congress has sent Cecilia Nyakait, Okello Okello and […]

Opposition donors in Europe hold meetings with FDC, UPC and DP

The funders of Uganda’s opposition parties from Europe have today held closed door meeting with the leaders of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Social Democratic Party and Democratic Party (DP). The meeting we are told took place in Kasangati in the home of Col. Kiiza Besigye of FDC. In attendance was […]

UPC appoints Joseph Kony’s lawyer to defend it in high court

In a surprising move, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has hired the lawyer of LRA rebel leader, Joseph Kony, Ayena Odongo to represent it in the high Court. The UPC members hired Ayena at a cost of 20 million shillings to represent them in a petition they want to file in the high court against their […]

Opposition MPs form new alliance

Opposition MPs irrespective of their political briefs have formed an alliance in which they will sign memorandum of understanding promising to be working together. The MPs on DP, FDC, UPC, Justice Forum and the Conservative Party working under their umbrella association of opposition MPs have convened in Jinja today to reflect on their performance over […]

Otunnu lying, has no children, says UPC officials

The message that Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party president Dr. Olara Otunnu had packaged well yesterday that he has two daughters has been rubbished by his own party members. One of the UPC officials, David Pulkol says that he knows Otunnu well; the man does not have daughters/ a family. Pulkol says that what is […]

UPC welcomes birth of new Buganda kingdom prince

The president of Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC), Dr. Olara Otunnu has welcomed the birth of the new prince ofBugandaKingdom, Richard Semakokkiro. The Katikkiro of Buganda announced the birth of a second son of the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi on Tuesday evening. Otunnu says that the birth of the newBugandaprince means that there will […]

Otunnu evicted from house of Oyite Ojok’s son

Things have continued to swiftly falling apart for the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) president Dr. Olara Otunnu, our reporters have been informed. We have learnt that several cabinet members of Otunnu’s cabinet have resorted to boycotting the UPC headquarters onKampalaroad-because their party president declined to give them written instruments of appointment since last year. Some […]

David Pulkol denies mismanaging UPC funds

David Pulkol denies mismanaging UPC funds The former UPC Mobilisation and Policy chief, David Pulkol has denied allegations which were published in the media that he had embezzled 250 million shillings from Uganda Peoples Congress. Pulkol told the media that he and other party officials used the money to run party activities. He threatened to […]

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