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Besigye eats only buffets for fear of being poisoned

Col.Kiiza Besigye of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) might have been married to Ms Winnie Byanyima for over 10 years but he has never eaten the food she has prepared. A source in FDC says that Besigye, the man considered to beUganda’s main opposition leader eats only buffets for fear of being poisoned. The source […]

Henry Tumukunde serves guards meat

Despite being silent these days, former CMI chief, Brig. Henry Tumukunde is still a flamboyant man, kind and social. On Saturday he treated his guards and friends in Kampala to a meat and ‘drinks’ festival. By around 3pm, Tumukunde welcomed his pals to his Kololo residence for some talk and when they were around him, he ordered […]

Justice Anup Choudry gets new house

The Anti Corruption Court Judge, Anup Choudry is all smiles. In fact his pals at the court say that the judge is smiling from ear to ear after he got a new house. Justice Choudry has been complaining of staying in a small apartment in Kampala where he couldn’t even receive visitors due to the small place. […]

Former MP Nabeta suffers from high blood pressure

Former Member of Parliament for Jinja Central, Nathan Igime Nabeta we have heard he has developed high blood pressure. His pals have told us that yesterday he failed address a by election rally at Jinja Industrial area because he is undergoing treatment.  His pals also tell us that Nabeta developed the pressure on the day […]

Besigye does not call people on MTN

FDC president, Col. Kiiza Besigye has amazed Ugandans when he told his pals in FDC that he does not call persons on MTN numbers. He says that if the call is a must he uses a call box to do so but never on his mobile phone.  Besigye has an airtel line. He barred what […]

Pastor Mutesasira’s wife delivers in USA

Pastor Stephen Mutesasira’s wife, ms Julie Birungi Nalugya Mutesasira who is also an artist we hear has given birth to a baby girl in United States of America.   We are told that Julie left Uganda for US last week and delivered the pastor’s third child. The pastors’ pals have told us that Mutesasira is […]

Lawyer Caleb Alaka, Jackie Chandru now hot item

We suspect that things have started becoming hotter between Caleb Alaka and singer Jackie Chandru. The lawyer was seen last Saturday night during Chandiru’s Swagger night show at Club Rouge. Chandiru and the lawyer hugged each other live on stage before Alaka resorted to cigars. Alaka is a celebrity in the legal world but he […]

Dr. Muyingo, a PhD holder complains why he deputizes someone with bachelors

Voters in Bamunanika say they are not happy because president Museveni appointed their MP John Chrysostom Muyingo to deputize a woman who holds a bachelors’ degree. President Museveni appointed Jessica Alupo (holds a degree in education) as the Minister for Education and appointed Dr. Muyingo who holds a PhD in Education to deputize her. The […]

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