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Muntu loses FDC presidency

Muntu loses FDC presidency

Rtd Gen. Mugisha Muntu lost to Amuriat as president of The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) on Friday evening during the 7th National Delegates Conference at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole. The incumbent, Muntu was facing off with Patrick Amuriat Oboi (former Kumi CountyMember of Parliament), Malcom Dan Matsiko (former FDC youth leader and mobiliser) and […]

UPC nominates party president hopefuls

UPC nominates party president hopefuls

Seven candidates nominated for Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party presidency say that are not scared of the former party president’s son Jimmy Akena in this race. This follows the son of late Milton Obote forcing the party president Olara Otunu to ignore the party election guidelines and allow him, Jimmy Akena, to be nominated for […]

FDC is looking for a military party president

  The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Vice Chairman for Buganda region, Joyce Sebugwawo has announced that their party needs a military man to be the one to replace Col. Kiiza Besigye as party president. There are three candidates in FDC race to replace Besigye, they are Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Budadiri west MP Nandala […]

Former MP Michael Mabikke opens own law firm

  It seems opening law firms works to many politicians. The latest news reports from the office of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) indicates that their party president who is also former MP for Makindye East, Hon. Michael Mabikke has opened his own law firm in Kampala. We have been told that Michael Mabikke’s law […]

President sworn in at Makerere

  Peoples’ money in Uganda is spent extravagantly. We have been told that the swearing in ceremony of the new Makerere University Guild President, Ivan Kata has cost the university 200 millions. The money has been used to buy eats, buffets, sodas and beers just to please the students. The swearing in ceremony took place […]

Opposition donors in Europe hold meetings with FDC, UPC and DP

The funders of Uganda’s opposition parties from Europe have today held closed door meeting with the leaders of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Social Democratic Party and Democratic Party (DP). The meeting we are told took place in Kasangati in the home of Col. Kiiza Besigye of FDC. In attendance was […]

Why FDC calls some of its MPs ‘rebels’?

In our first news report we told you that FDC has branded some of its MPs in the Uganda ninth parliament as rebels. The rebel MPs in FDC we are told are those FDC members who criticise the party president Col. Kiiza Besigye whenever he goes wrong. Like in NRM, Besigye doesn’t want people to […]

Otunnu lying, has no children, says UPC officials

The message that Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party president Dr. Olara Otunnu had packaged well yesterday that he has two daughters has been rubbished by his own party members. One of the UPC officials, David Pulkol says that he knows Otunnu well; the man does not have daughters/ a family. Pulkol says that what is […]

Otunnu evicted from house of Oyite Ojok’s son

Things have continued to swiftly falling apart for the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) president Dr. Olara Otunnu, our reporters have been informed. We have learnt that several cabinet members of Otunnu’s cabinet have resorted to boycotting the UPC headquarters onKampalaroad-because their party president declined to give them written instruments of appointment since last year. Some […]

‘Spies’ steal DP computers containing vital information

 Suspected spies on Thursday night opened the head offices of the Democratic Party (DP) and stole party computers suspected to contain vital party information on party funding, cohorts in the diaspora, and communications from NRM members to DP and Vice versa. The legal advisor of DP Mukasa Mbidde says that the party members suspect that […]

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