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Purchase for progress

Proper food storage to help end food shortage in Uganda

Food shortages are reported in different parts of Uganda year in year out. But the government has always insisted that Uganda is not food insecure, arguing that while some regions have food shortages due to drought and other reasons, many other regions in the country have surplus food. As a solution to this anomaly, the […]

World Food Programme roots for food based social protection programmes

By Josette Sheeran Many leaders at the African Union summit in Uganda are leading the way in bringing new energy and commitment to tackling hunger and malnutrition. And the African Union has declared its intent to build an Africa that ends hunger and empowers the continent to both feed itself, and ultimately to help feed […]

Smallholder farmers expect more from World Food Program Purchase for Progress

Elias Simuntu is today one of the most successful farmers in Uganda. Apart from being assured of stable income every farming season, Simuntu leads a farmers group that sells food commodities to WFP and other major food buyers. But not all farmers are able to sell to WFP even after it launched the Purchase for progress to buy direct from farmers.

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