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Benefits of yams to human beings

Yams are low in fats and high on calories. Yams should be incorporated in one’s diet because they have tremendous health benefits. The yams are rich in minerals including iron, copper, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. Our bodies need these minerals to build strong bones and teeth. Minerals help the body to grow, develop and stay […]

Jose Chameleon stages 40 shows in United States of America

Uganda’s heavy weight musician, Dr. Jose Chameleon is likely to return back to Uganda when he is so loaded. We have been told by his brother AK 47 that Chameleon has got 40 new assignments to perform in different parts of US. Chameleon who left the country last week for Mukisa Gwo America music tour […]

Cameras banned at club Rouge in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala

The media houses that have been capitalising on photographs got from Club Rouge in Kampala must now be in tears after the management of the social scene banned all cameras from entering their premise. The Kanyamas have been put at all the club entrances to ensure that no person enters into the rouge with a […]

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