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Causes of fluid build ups (hydrocephalus) in heads

  Hydrocephalus is increasingly becoming a health threat in Uganda and in many African states. The disease can be referred to as an accumulation of fluids in the brain. This watery fluid travels through the ventricles around the brain, down to the spinal cord, returning to the blood through special veins. However when it doesn’t […]

Dangers of over using mobile phones and computer key boards

Over-texting of SMS messages on your mobile phones and playing computer games or surfing the internet, typing documents etc is fun, but it may come with a number of negative effects. Latest discoveries in science world indicate that over using computer and mobile phone key boards comes with their downsides. The dangers of using computer […]

Picfare announces 100 jobs

  The information that has come on our news desk indicates that Picfare Group of companies, one of the East Africa’s largest manufacturing Group of industries has lined up 100 jobs to be grabbed by unemployed Ugandans. The company has announced its plans of recruiting result oriented, team players, versatile, ambitious, and frugal young fresh […]

Call for Human Rights Defenders Tulip Award

Human Rights Defenders Tulip Award: Nominations are now being accepted for the Human Rights Defenders Tulip award. Anyone can nominate a candidate for the human rights defenders award. The award, an initiative of the Dutch Government, will be presented by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs on 9 November. The Human Rights Defenders Tulip is […]

What is asthma? Asthma is caused by allergies

  Asthma is a serious respiratory disease that literaly leaves its victims breathless. People with asthma usually have a lot of problems in lungs, and bronchial muscles. Dr. Aisha Lukwago Rashid of Lukwago Herbal Clinic in Kampala says that asthma is caused by allergies, either environment or food pollution and irritants,  infections, colds, flue or […]

Husband rejects wife as a result of her dislocation of hip bones during child delivery

My names are Catharine Nakyagaba, a resident of Gombe in Wakiso district. I got the disability as a result of dislocation of my hip bones during the birth of my first born. This affected my movement and posture. My husband was so much demoralized by my status. He no longer wanted to associate with me. […]

Uganda Development Bank reduces interest rates

As a result of the recent hikes of interest rates in the market, many corporate businesses are encountering difficulties in paying back the loans they have acquired from the commercial banks. A couple of weeks back, the traders in Uganda through their umbrella association of ‘Kampala City Traders Association’ staged a sit-down strike protesting against […]

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