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How to handle nose bleeding

Today we bring to you how you may handle nose bleeding in babies (first aid). As soon as a nose bleed begins, have the child sit up while firmly exerting pressure on the nose by pinching the lower, soft part of the nose between the thumb and forefinger for about 10 minutes. Alternatively wet a […]

Benefits of eating fruits on empty stomach

  Fruits good on empty stomachs: eating fruits throughout the morning helps to stabilise the body’s natural energy and eases hunger, while initiating the digestive system for the rest of the day. Doctor Aisha Lukwago of Lukwago herbal medicine clinic says that fruits supply natural sugars and cleanse the body. Fruits also digest very quickly […]

Symptoms of motion sickness and recommended food for motion sickness

Symptoms of motion sickness are Queasiness, nausea, cold sweats, dizziness, rapid breathing, fatigue, vomiting and loss of coordination. Scientists recommend that a person suffering from motion sickness should eat lightly before trip and while traveling. Soups and steamed vegetables will help your stomach stay calm. If you are taking a trip on a commercial airliner, […]

How to avoid intestinal obstruction and causes of intestinal obstruction

  Intestinal obstruction regularly comes with a lot of pain and it may make some people to take more than five days without passing stool. The doctors and researchers tell us that intestinal obstruction also comes with stomach distention. This is where the human stomach swells. Some people suffering from Intestinal obstruction may vomit because […]

Causes, symptoms and definition of hiatal hernia

  A person is said to have a hiatal hernia when his/her part of the stomach protrudes or niates, through the opening of the diaphragm and into the chest cavity. The causes of hiatal hernia are poor diet, food allergies, weakness of stomach muscles, pregnancy, trauma to the stomach area, stress, and inherited tendency. The […]

How to reduce stomach after delivery

  Hundreds of women across the globe desire to reduce the size of their stomachs after delivery. There are women whose stomachs remain big after delivery as if they are pregnant again whereas they are not. So in this article we have brought to you how you can reduce the size of your stomach after […]

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