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How to manage choking and burns in infants

If a baby chokes, hold him up-side down and part pat between the shoulder blades to dislodge the foreign body from the windpipe. If the object doesn’t come out, seek medical aid immediately. But Burns need urgent treatment to minimise risks of infection. Burns involving only damage of the skin can be treated at home […]

Symptoms, causes and treatment of parasites

  Parasites (intestinal): Microorganisms naturally inhabit and move through the body. Some are harmless, while others cause sickness. Infections can occur when parasites make their homes in your skin, gastrointestinal track, lungs, liver and other organs. Parasites are caused by contaminated food or water, a weakened immune system, dysbiosis [imbalanced gut flora]. Ends

MP Kyanjo’s condition difficult to improve, UK doctors reveal

  Hopes of ailing Makindye West MP, Hussein Kyanjo to return to normal life could be more of a myth after the United Kingdom doctors told his close family members that his condition could be irreversible. Kyanjo a couple of month travelled to the United Kingdom for specialized treatment. The UK doctors confirm that he […]

What is psoriasis disease: treatment and diet?

Psoriasis: is a common skin disorder. It occurs when skill cells replicate too quickly. The skin produces new cells at about 10 times its normal rate, but also it continues to slough off old ones at its usual, slower pace. Medical experts say that psoriasis is caused by genetics, a poor diet, especially the one […]

How to diagnose and treatment for prostate cancer

Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer?If You or a Loved One Are Looking for an Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment,Here Are 11 Effective, Natural Strategies that Will Help You Defeat This Deadly Disease A diagnosis of cancer, or even a suspicion of cancer is darn fearful. You reflect on friends or family who died of cancer. Of all […]

International Hospital Kampala appeals for help to treat the needy

The International Hospital of Kampala is calling for support towards treatment of charity patients. The Hospital, through its Hope Ward has so far treated more than 1200 patients in need since 2006.  Under there programme dubbed hope ward, the hospital provides treatment and carries out surgeries to the very poor with complex cases. Some of […]

Mulago intensive care unit working properly-officials

Mulago hospital has dismissed reports that the intensive care unit has been closed due to equipment breakdown . Speaking to kfm,the hospital spokesperson  Enoch Kusaasira said the unit is functioning with patients recieving treatment. Kusaasira has also denies reports that life has been already lost due to the closure of the unit. However Kusaasira admits that […]

Government expands anti retroviral treatment services

The Uganda AIDS Information centre has started offering Arterial-viral treatment services to all its centers country wide. The move is aimed at addressing the urgent need of ART services among people living with HIV/AIDS. The executive director of the Uganda AIDS Information Dr Raymond Byarugaba says the first group of people to benefit will be […]

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