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Uganda soldiers

Uganda soldiers to oversee Kenya’s election exercise

Information reaching our news desk has it that Uganda’s soldiers have been secretly hired to monitor Kenya’s national election exercise. The sources in Kenya told us that Nairobi accepted to hire Ugandan soldiers because they are rough enough to encounter any type of post election hooliganism and violence. Uganda soldiers will partner with other regional […]

Names of dead Uganda soldiers

  Kenya Wildlife Authorities has found the two Ugandan Russian-made attack helicopters which went missing on Sunday. The two airplanes were found onMt.Kenya. The soldiers who were on board perished and their bodies burnt to ashes. Our Reporter in Kenya Walakira Nyanzi reports that one of the two Mi-24 Ugandan attack helicopters burnt beyond recognition. […]

Uganda soldiers die in Mogadishu battles with Somali Al-Shabab rebels

Seven UPDF soldiers were killed in somalia in a fight to control Mogadishu and several sustained injuries in the operation. This was confirmed by the UPDF commander of land forces  LT.General Katumba wamala while speaking to journalists in Kampala. Katumba wamala said that the capture of mogadishu is a stepping stone for stabilization of the […]

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