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violence in Uganda elections

UN advises staff in case Uganda elections become violent

The United Nations has advised its staff to get ready for the worst case scenario in case the February 2011 elections in Uganda get out of hand. In a statement today, the UN advised its foreign staff to stock enough food stuffs and water in their houses that can take them reasonable days in case […]

Uganda should avoid violence in 2011 general elections

By Josepha Jabo, Kampala Many Ugandans are praying for peaceful presidential elections, and there is no reason why we cannot have them. The 2011 presidential elections have eight candidates in the race and naturally their supporters want them to win. However, to achieve this, Uganda doesn’t have to experience a repeat performance of Kenya’s 2007-08 […]

Parliament pins Kivenjinja over Kiboko squad

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Kirunda Kivenjija has been on the receiving end of scathing attacks by various Members of Parliament after he failed to give a satisfactory explanation to Parliament on the mystery surrounding the Kiboko squad. Hardly a week back, the Kiboko Squad reappeared on the Ugandan political scene after about three years […]

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