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Walakira Nyanzi

In Tanzania leaders work for national development, in Uganda rulers embezzle funds and build posh houses for their lovers

  I have observed the development of two countries in East Africa over the last 10 years and how those countries have used their Social Security Funds. In Tanzania the rulers there built the largest a Public University in East Africa and they funded thousands of housing units, constructed over 20000 km of tarmac roads, […]

Why striking Makerere University students are right?

    Makerere University Students who are involved in demonstrations protesting against the new tuition fees policy have a point. It is imperative to note that although these striking students are fighting physically for a cause, it is known inside the crevasse of their hearts that they are battling for their parents, guardians, brothers, sisters […]

Causes of infertility, sexually transmitted diseases

Infertility is a person being unable to produce young ones. Its causes are many but they include poor nutrition and nutritional deficiency and stress. Sexually transmitted diseases, environmental toxins and congenital abnormalities also cause infertility especially in men. Other causes of infertility are hormonal problems especially thyroid or low progesterone, medical conditions such as endometriosis, […]

Wearing tight underwear damages sperms and in women causes Candida

  Tight underwear or undergarments have been found to cause the testes to remain too close to the body, overheating them which may damage your sperms. Damaging sperms many times results in infertility and testicular torsion. There is also a long-term possibility that the testicles may become twisted internally. It becomes extremely painful when your […]

Dangers of over using mobile phones and computer key boards

Over-texting of SMS messages on your mobile phones and playing computer games or surfing the internet, typing documents etc is fun, but it may come with a number of negative effects. Latest discoveries in science world indicate that over using computer and mobile phone key boards comes with their downsides. The dangers of using computer […]

Causes of osteomyelitis/ bone infections

  Osteomyelitis is a bone infection that progressively destroys the bone and it may affect the joints, Walakira Nyanzi writes. The infection may affect both the joint and marrow. It is a common condition in children. About 83% of it spread to the bone through the blood stream. The rest of osteomyelitis spreads from infected […]

‘MP Brenda Nabukenya pregnant’

  This is surely some good news for supporters of MP Brenda Nabukenya. The rumour we have got now is that she could be two months pregnant. Nabukenya won the recent Luweero district woman MP by election polls. Her close pals in DP rumored to us that she could be pregnant and the man responsible if it is […]

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