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Bad breath: causes bacteria gorging & producing waste

Bad breath makes people cringe whenever you speak. The people suffering from bad breath many times repel their friends. Scientists tell us that the people with bad breath have a nasty case of halitosis. Bad breath, according to experts, scientists and researchers is caused by odor-causing bacteria gorging & producing waste (volatile sulfur compounds) in […]

East Africa Legislative Assembly passes polythene control bill

Members of the East Africa legislative Assembly have passed the EAC Polythene Materials Control Bill, 2011 aimed at regulating the use of polythene materials. The bill now awaits EAC Heads of State assent to it before it becomes law in the five East Africa Community member states of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The Bill moved […]

Government, World bank to start bioelectricity project

The World Bank in partnership with the Agency for Promoting Sustainable Development Initiatives (ASDI) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development will tomorrow, February 1, 2012 launch a pilot project for the promotion of bioelectricity in Uganda at Kayei Landing Site, Akokoro Sub-County,  Apac District. Over 100 households in the area around Kayei Landing Site […]

Book shows Local communities can play big role in food security and environmental protection

News Release A book published today by the International Institute for Environment and Development paints a vivid picture of an alternative future in which food, energy and water supplies are sustainable and in the control of local communities. The book show how the linear systems that shape our world are flawed as they assume a […]

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