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Causes of umbilical cord accidents

  Causes of cord accidents or obstructed labour that is to say the baby gets stuck on its way either because it is too big or the mother’s bones are too narrow. There is also umbilical cord prolapse-this is when part of the cord drops out of the birth canal especially when ‘waters’ break through, […]

Apply for ICMR International Fellowship Programme

ICMR International Fellowship Programme: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is the premier national agency for the formulation, promotion and conduct of biomedical research in India. The mandate and policies of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) coincide with national health policies. The Council not only plans and promotes medical research in the […]

Dangers of skin lightening creams, skin lightening creams causes cancer

  Dangers of skin lightening creams are so many and many skin lightening creams cause cancer. Skin lightening creams inhibits the production of melanin (kills body natural protection). The skin is more susceptible to skin cancer and uneven colour. Hydroquinone is a multi-organ toxic chemical that is rapidly and extensively absorbed through the gut and […]

How to prevent TB

  Children who have been contacted with an adult with TB (Tuberculosis) should be examined and get screened for TB. If you have had a persistent cough, keep babies surroundings clean, airy and dry. Early diagnosis and successful treatment of an infected adult is the best way to protect our children against TB. BCG immunization […]

Top 10 signs to know your man or boyfriend is cheating on you

It is one of those issues women have to deal with in their relationships. The possibility that he may be cheating on you. Ladies are known to have a sixth sense on such matters. But just like learnt to fly without perching in Chinua Achebe’s land, many men will be able to deceive their ladies […]

Government spy asks opposition parties to work hard and over throw president Museveni

In Senegal opposition won presidential elections. “Can opposition in Uganda do what the members of opposition in Senegal did?” The former spokesman of DP, Mwaka Lutukumoi whom we are told he is now a spy asks. Mwaka says that opposition parties need less bloodshed but total mobilization of grassroots voters amidst ‘bogus’ electoral Commission’ the […]

Senior UN diplomat calls upon Ugandans to join struggle against Museveni

Former UN diplomat Dr. Olara Otunnu has called upon all Ugandans within and outsideUgandato join the struggle against president Museveni’s regime. Otunnu says Ugandans need to join the struggle such that they restore sanity in their country. Otunnu says that the government inKampalahas walked away from its duties of working for the people. The former […]

Ugandans want Museveni to close National Bank of Commerce

  Although Bank of Uganda Governor Tumusiime Mutebile, President Museveni and the government in general have always been quick to close banks owned by the private seen as anti government including the Greenland bank, owned by late Sulaiman Kiggundu, they have refused to close the National Bank of Commerce formerly Kigezi Bank of Commerce owned […]

General Elly Tumwine told Museveni off

General Elly Tumwine has told off president Museveni to stop playing around with the blood of those people who sacrificed for freedom. This was during the PAC report debate on the financial scandal involving NRM’s entrepreneur, Hassan Basajjabalaba who was given the compensation of over 142 billion shillings as compensation for losing tenders in the […]

Woman murders world’s renowned poet

A woman has been found guilty of murdering a world’s renowned poet and an artist Winkle Rutamirika. The High court in Kampala has found out that Ms Christine Karitundu murdered Winkle, who was her husband. The ruling will be delivered next month. In Uganda a murder charge carries maximum of death sentence on conviction or […]

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