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Terrorists arrested, confirm sneaking guns to Uganda


People facing terrorism charges in Rwanda have revealed that they have been sneaking pistols into Uganda, which they later use to shoot at strategic houses. The suspected terrorists who have confirmed having been sneaking guns to Uganda are Joel Mutabazi, Jackson Karemera, Faustin Nzakamwita, Eugene Mutamba and Diane Gasengayire among others.

The court in Rwanda on Tuesday heard how the accused used to sneak pistols into Uganda, which they later used to shoot at their own houses as a strategy to get asylum in Uganda.

Details of how the suspected terrorists staged their own shootings were made public at the Military High Court in Kanombe, Kigali.

Mutabazi and his other co-accused were serving under the presidential guard of Rwanda before they deserted the military on October 29, 2011 and crossed into Uganda where they attempted to seek asylum.

While they were still in the military, they had obtained pistols, which they buried at Eugene Mutamba’s farm.  After failing to secure asylum, the suspects used Karemera to sneak pistols into Uganda.

The suspects are charged with deserting the military, terrorism, formation of an armed group, spreading rumours with the intention of inciting the public to rise up against the state, murder, crimes against the state, illegal possession of a firearm and attempt to harm the person of the President.


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