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Terrorists plan fatal attacks on Uganda police



Over 70 people were killed in Kampala four years ago when Al Shabaab terrorists attacked Uganda in revenge for Uganda’s deployment of soldiers in Somalia.

The people were killed in twin bomb attack at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Kabalagala restaurant in Kampala and people who were against Museveni’s deployment of soldiers in Mogadishu hailed the attack. Many people who were tired of Museveni’s rule on Uganda called for his eveiction from power. But up to date Museveni is still the president of Uganda.

Following the attack on Kampala, several bombs were found unexploded in Kampala. But president Museveni was later told that those bombs were planted by his own army commanders who wanted to make him think that the insecurity was too much and he gives them money.

The latest news we have got, however is that the extremist group of Al Shabaab are in another plan to plant small bomb outside police stations, local council offices and at some public officers.

The information we have got indicates that Al Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-inspired group is in touch with some of the Muslim leaders in Kampala to urge Muslims to stay away from places they will tell them when the real time for action comes.

Most of the places terrorists want to target are in Kampala and its suburbs, and others in Wakiso, Mukono and Masaka. We have heard that the terrorists are in touch with some of the opposition leaders in Uganda.


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