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Tullow Oil decries fraudulent activities in Uganda

Tullow Uganda has decried the increasing prevalence of fraudulent activities taking place within Kampala, the capital city of the Republic of Uganda.

Brian Glover the Uganda Manager of Tullow

The General Manager and Director Tullow Uganda Operations Pty Ltd, Brian Glover says there are scores of fraudsters whose objective is to obtain money through misrepresentation or false pretense from unsuspecting people.

Glover has said in a news statement today that the fraudsters purport to be working with Tullow Uganda Operations Pty LTD whereas they do not.

He says the fraudsters do a number of ricks to obtain money from innocent people some of these tricks include:

The fraudsters promise jobs in Tullow for people, collect money from them, give them phone numbers of their friends and disappear without trace.

They deceive members of the public that they have tenders with Tullow to supply different items but they do not have enough cash, so they con people into giving them money to supply critical items to Tullow and promise to share profit.

Some fraudsters call themselves ‘Engineers’ working with Tullow (mechanic department), and that there is an urgent requirement for specialised drilling spares. So they entice unsuspecting members of the public and attempt to get money from them to cover the deal, with promises of good profit.

They also try to get tax exemptions on items that they bring into Uganda claiming they are working with Tullow, giving names of real employees of Tullow.

Glover has therefore informed all people in Uganda that Tullow Uganda Operations Pty LTD does not operate in this manner; the oil company has a viable system of operation right from head office. He says any person who allows to be conned in fraudulent dealing in the name of Tullow will have no remedy. The head offices of Tullow Uganda are on plot 15 Yusufu Lule road in Kampala.

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