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Uganda Child activist calls for mothers sensitization on child care

The program development officer, Kisubi Rehabilitation Hospital, Irene Nabalamba has appealed to stakeholders involved in fighting for child rights to direct their efforts in sensitising parents on child care and treatment to avoid more children from dying and getting deformed from preventable diseases.

Uganda children

Uganda children

Today Uganda is joining the rest of the world to celebrate the day of the African Child with the theme, ‘Planning and budgeting for the wellbeing of the child – A collective responsibility for all.’

The day is held in memory of children masssacred in Soweto, South Africa in 1976 while peacefully demonstrating against poor education.

In a press statement seen by Ultimate Media, Nabalama says poverty and witchcraft are the major causes of death and deformities to African Children.

She says poverty makes it hard for mothers to feed their children well before and after birth and makes mothers fail to seek appropriate medical care for them.

The child rights activist adds that witchcraft leads to child disability and sometimes death because mothers delay or never take their children for medical care and instead seek the treatment of traditional witchdoctors.

Nabalama says increased sensitization of parents on hygiene and childcare before and after birth will lead to a great reduction in child deaths and deformities.

The Kisubi Rehabilitation Hospital program development officer also appealed to governments and their partners to take an upper hand in prevention, reduction and cure of child disabilities and death.

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