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Uganda expected to get COVID-19 vaccine in April/May

Uganda is expected to get the COVID-19 in April or May this year, following its application for the vaccine and payment for the vaccine.

There are a number of vaccines which are under trial, and according to Cabinet, there is already an application for vaccines to cover nine million Ugandans.

Following the deliberations of the Cabinet, on Monday this week, it was revealed that the Government had already paid $164m (sh606bn) and fulfilled the conditions for receiving the vaccine.

When the vaccine is in the country, Government has resolved that priority will be given to people at the high risk of the severe diseases and deaths like the older persons of 50 years and above who are now amounting to about 3.3m people in the country.

Cabinet also resolved that the other people to be prioritized are those with underlying health conditions, the frontline Government health workers (63,284) and social workers including security personnel.

Uganda registered its first known case of COVID-19 at the end of March last year. A 36-year-old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai at 2 a.m., aboard Ethiopian Airlines who presented symptoms of high fever and poor appetite, according to authorities.

The passenger was evacuated to Entebbe Grade B Hospital for further follow up where a nasal swab was taken for analysis. The number of cases have kept on growing since then.

The world is currently faced with a pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), a new virus that spreads so fast through droplet infection especially in crowded places and causes illness.

It is spread from person to person through sneezing or coughing (droplet infection), human to human contact, and contact with contaminated surfaces.

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 include Fever, Running Nose (flu), Cough, General Weakness, difficulty in breathing if the patient develops pneumonia.

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