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Uganda exports jokes to Kenya, Rwanda


I think we should all admit that Uganda is an interesting country compared to other East African countries.

Uganda is one of the African countries with 56 different ethnic tribes but got its name from just one tribe Baganda (Buganda). This is why most countries refer to Ugandans as Baganda. For example, the Rwandans refer to Ugandans as Abagande (Baganda) while Kenyans and Tanzanians use the Swahili word Waganda (Baganda) to refer to all Ugandans.

And by the way, Uganda is the leading exporter of jokes in East and Central Africa. For example East Africa TV stations like Kenya’s Citizen TV signed a deal with Uganda’s comedian Anne Kansiime to perform drama. The accent of Ugandans and their phrases are a force to reckon with in East and central Africa. Uganda’s comedians are now a big name in African countries. Ugandans are almost celebrities wherever they go.

Ugandans are generally humourous, for example, president Museveni whenver he visits Kenya he makes the crowds their laugh. Museveni is fond of reminding the people of Kenya (Pokot) to return his cows. Ugandans are alwo funny because of how they pronounce some English words due to their mother tongue interference.


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