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Uganda loses land to DR Congo because of global warming

An official from Oxfam International Bernard Tumwesigye, has indicated that Uganda is losing territory to its Eastern neighbouring country of DR Congo as a result of river Semliki changing boundary due to global warming.

River Semuliki

River Semuliki

River Semliki has changed course several times since 1960 as rising water volumes sparked by melting snow caps on Rwenzori Mountains as a result of global warming cause meandering and alteration of the boundary.

Tumwesigye says that the lives of people on the Uganda side of the river are worsening because they lose their gardens to the Congo side of the river leading to hunger and poverty as agriculture is their main economic activity.

He says most people abandon their gardens and start new lives as crossing the river to go and manage their gardens is expensive and risky.

The Oxfam official  says that paying for canoes everyday cant be afforded by ordinary local people and sometimes puts them in danger of drowning especailly in times when the river is flooded.

In 2009, the changing course of River Semliki caused confusion between the Uganda and DR Congo governments over the two countries borders.

Location of River Semuliki

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