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Uganda Minister says IPC will not win elections

The Uganda government Minister of Relief and Disaster Preparedness Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere has indicated that the Uganda opposition alliance called the Inter Party Cooperation (IPC) is incapable of winning the coming Uganda 2011 general elections because of its poor strategies.

Tarsis Kabwegyere

Disaster Minister, Tarsis Kabwegyere

Kabwegyere told Journalists at Parliament that the alliance strategy will not help it win elections because it only aims at getting Uganda President Museveni out of power.

He says the strategy hasn’t been welcomed by Ugandan voters because they are interested in serious alternative solutions that will help solve the many challenges faced by the country.

Kabwegyere also adds that Uganda history doesn’t favour such coalitions. He cited the coalition of Kabaka Yekka and Uganda People Congress of 1962 which resulted into the 1966 Buganda crisis.

This President of Democratic Party (DP) Nobert Mao also recently doubted IPC’s capacity to win the 2011 elections because it lacks workable solutions to Uganda’s political challenges.

Prof. Kabwegyere statements should be taken with a lot of skepticism because the Kenyan opposition Rainbow coalition headed by the current Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki defeated the ruling KANU party to take over the country’s leadership.

By Tiberindwa Zakaria

Ultimate Media

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