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Uganda MP says DP faction a sign of tribalism

The Uganda ruling NRM party Member of Parliament for Kinkizi East in Kanungu district has indicated that the breakoff faction of the Uganda Democratic Party (DP) headed by Dr. Luluume Bayiga shows that the party is tribalistic and bent towards only promoting the interests of the Baganda.

MP Chris Baryomunsi

MP Chris Baryomunsi

The DP party is currently headed by Nobert Mao an Acholi from Gulu district in Northern Uganda. The party was formed in the 1950’s by Ben Kiwanuka to meet the interests of the Catholics and the Baganda and since then, the party has been ruled by the Baganda’s until the recent election of Nobert Mao.

Baryomunsi says the NRM party will gain ground in Northern, Eastern and Central regions of Uganda because it is not tribalistic and has a national appeal in its entire leadership.

The Kinkiizi MP scoffed at statements that the current DP faction joining the Inter Party cooperation will reduce Buganda votes for NRM saying that the ruling party is still strong enough in central region because of it’s development programs which have greatly improved the livelihoods of the Buganda people.

The Buganda kingdom has been at loggerheads with the central government over the closure of Buganda Kingdom CBS radio, the failure by government to grant the kingdom a federal status and the recent enactment of the land amendment bill among others.

Buganda kingdom officials have openly started campaigning for candidates who support Buganda interests in the 2011 general elections.

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