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Uganda opposition launches pressure group to ensure free and fair elections

The Uganda opposition has launched a new opposition pressure group called the National Alliance for Free and Fair Elections (NAFFE) to campaign for electoral reforms and the disbandment of the Uganda Electoral Commission.

Uganda woman voting

Uganda woman voting (AFP)

The Uganda opposition has for long been advocating for the disbandment of the current Electoral commission arguing that it is partisan.

The coordinator of the group Margaret Wokuri says the organisation will start organizing countrywide rallies to ensure transparent 2011 elections.

Despite continued pressure from the opposition, Uganda president, Museveni shows no signs of heeding to opposition calls because during the recent State of the Union address in Kampala, he said that the 2011 elections will go on as planned and the Electoral Commission leadership will not be disbanded.

The FDC president Dr. Kiiza Besigye was recently beaten by Uganda anti-riot police and members of the highly unpopular Uganda Kiboko Squad for holding demonstrations aimed at advocating for electoral reforms.

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