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Ugandan boy photo in competition for an international prize

A picture of a Ugandan boy taken in Nkozi town located in Mpigi district is up for a major international prize in a European country of Slovenia in a competition organized by the world photo camera manufacturing giant Nikon.

Ugandan boy

Ugandan boy (Nikon)

The photograph taken by a Slovenian national Katja Lenart who has been working as a multimedia journalist volunteer for studio.edirisa.org and a member of the Ugandan singing trio called the Real Band.

According to Katja, the competition is an opportunity for her to win a nice Nikon D5000 photo camera and money and also make the Ugandan boy famous at the international level.

Katja says, she needs to collect a minimum of at least 500 votes from people around the world. She says voters will also win prizes.

Unfortunately, the website is in a Slovenian language but, Katja says people can vote by clicking on   http://jazsem.nikonsvet.si/gallery/47/item/20003/.html and then click on “glasuj”

A window will then open, where voters have to write down IME/NAME, PRIIMEK/SURNAME and E-POŠTA/ E-MAIL.

For “ne želim več prejemati tega obvestila”  voters can mark it only if they don’t want to get that notice any more.

After finishing voters can click on “oddaj” and that’s how the picture will be voted. 

Finally, a message will appear saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Katja appeals to voters to write down their e-mails well because a confirmation note will be sent to them through their emails from Nikon.

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