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Ugandan women to be affected by the 2010 FIFA World Cup

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Now I am quite aware that by the time some of you read these crazy thoughts of mine, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will have kicked off in South Africa  but that should not be something I should waste my ink on witting because it matters less to the few truths that I am about to unveil about women in relation to the so called world cup in this article.

To begin with I filled with nothing but pity for my sisters in Uganda because for sure if there is any one that is going to face unprepared for suffering then I have no doubt it is those daughters of Eve. You know one thing I know about Ugandan men is that they are really good at shifting anger arising out of disappointments that they face in life to their wives. You will have to forgive me if I am going to be a prophet of doom here but one thing I know for sure is that some men are going to be disappointed by the way things are will go at the world cup.

More so, those stupid that have specialized in beings fans of teams that are perpetual losers will no doubt help my prophesy about disappointments come to pass. Now here in Uganda when after such men being disappointed by their various teams in the world cup, like always the women will be on the receiving end of such disappointments after all the teams that are meant to be blamed for their poor performances will be far away in South Africa and out of reach of these Ugandan buffoons that call themselves men.

Putting that aside, I have little or no doubt that most Ugandan women will be rallying behind Christiano Ronaldo’s Portugal not because they really think Portugal has the potential to win the world cup but because they think and so they claim mbu Ronaldo is a hunk..eh… a hunk my foot!

Portugals Christiano Ronaldo

Sorry for getting that emotional at this juncture but back to what we talking about. I know many of you think this is not true but if you think this is not true then go and find out why a year ago most women here in Uganda were fans of Manchester United and have now started diverting to other premiership teams after the so called hunk left Manchester United for Real Madrid a season ago. Now that is what Ugandan women are capable of as far as being fans of teams is concerned. SO you know why many men will dislike their women’s ‘interest’ in football or this particular 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

In addition to that it is only Uganda where you will find women sitting in bars and video halls with their hubbies watching football between teams they barely know obviously simply because they want to ensure that their men leave home to go and watch football other than diverting to other ‘businesses’ of going for ‘away matches’ from home in the name of watching world cup. If you want to know how Ugandan women can tight mark their hubbies then come to the bars during this time of World Cup and you will understand what I am laboring to talk about.

Otherwise I have no option but to wish you the best world cup season but just a word of caution before I stop witting all this and go and do other things. Please let us endeavor and avoid specializing in supporting teams that have made failure their middle name and in this particular aspect I am mainly speaking about Arsenal fans because they are the ones that have this silly habit and should not carry it into the world cup. Hope they listen to my simple advice and do not take it as an insult because it is not an insult anyway.

By Zacharia Tiberindwa

Keep following Zak as he delves into different issues, events and ideas concerning Ugandans with his youthful satire.


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