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Ugandans economically worse today than before NRM rule

The former UN under secretary for Children and armed conflicts, Dr. Olara Otunnu has said Ugandans are economically worse off today than the period before President Museveni’s rule.

Museveni took over Uganda’s political arena in 1986.

UPC President Olara Otunu

Otunnu says the wide gap between the rich and the poor in Uganda today is enough to tell that Ugandans are economically worse. The former diplomat says the ruling government is a total fraud.

Otunnu, who is also the President General of Uganda Peoples Congress, says Ugandans are in staggering and humiliating poverty because of too much poverty in the government.

However the minister of Uganda for Information, Kabakumba Masiko says Otunnu should stop swaying Ugandans by empty language of elites. She says all Ugandans know that the ruling government has caused development in the country.

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