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Ugandans Fantasizing about Mr. Right or the handsome guy in the movie

By Zak

the Author

What is wrong with women and film fantasy? At first, it Salvador, now it is Angello. One annoying aspect about us Ugandans is that we always have what a good Muganda calls akatinko. It all began with all this stuff; the so called Second Chance bug.

The truth is that I would have had no problem with all that stuff had it not been that some of those women obviously those that are close to me spoke about nothing but that die-resurrect fellow called Salvador. It is irritating that sometimes a son
of man would even be tempted to tell such women to go and get married to Salvador rather than boring one’s ear with all that crap.

When Salvador or is it second chance ended, we thought we now could have the attention on this planet of those daughters of Eve all to ourselves, another competitor of the attention of our women sneaked in. It is this ka fellow called Angello an actor in a series called The Promise.

Can you imagine I found some chick that had written some sweet stuff about that ka guy? However what makes me hate the guy even more than I hated that so called Salvador is the fact that though many people considered that Salvador fellow as handsome at least he never struck me as such, but maaan the indisputable truth about this Angello fellow is that the ka guy is handsome. And to make matters worse, unlike Salvador who was a crafty guy, this Angelo guy looks innocent and I have no doubt ladies are not just about to stop sympathizing with the ka fellow.

I cannot imagine some women do not even get ashamed to write things like “Angello muyitirivu (Angello is amazing)” on face-book pages. “He is such a good actor, handsome guy, a cool guy. He is the best.” Then another old foolish lady adds to that crap “Angello yampiseko, mwana muto (That she missed the opportunity of having to fantasize about Angello mbu because the ka fellow is young).”

To be sincere if one of these fools had only happened to be lucky enough to be my chana, I would have had no option but to tell her to go and get married to that so called Angello or go to hell. I swear I cannot stand such buffoonery that such crazy women are trying to exhibit. If Angello is handsome so what? Who gives a damn? Is he the first handsome fool this world has ever come across.

Let me just end my ramblings or else I will end up saying what I am not supposed to say in public. Honestly women should either stop fantasizing about such foolish guys on television or get married to them. Period. Anything beyond that we shall not accept. But what about my brothers…don’t you too fantasize about those cute ladies in the soaps and movies?

Keep following Zak as he delves into different issues, events and ideas concerning Ugandans with his youthful satire.


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