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Ugandans furious with Obama


Sections of Ugandans in their millions are so furious with United States President, Barrak Obama, with others telling him to mind his business than basing in America and orders Uganda to promote homosexuality. Pastor Joseph Musisi, a born again church Pastor in Kampala has told Obama to better show interest in developing his ancestral homeland Kenya and consolidates his love with Beyonce than dictating to Uganda that homosexuality is a normal thing.

Ugandans and their MPs and President know better what is
good for them better than Obama. About 99.9% of Ugandans are
against homosexuality and lesibianism… so president Museveni had to
sign the anti homosexuality bill into a law.

Secondly, if Russia and Nigeria signed on the anti homosexuality bill then why not Uganda? Remember America was just discovered by a one Colombus but Uganda was built on the foundations of norms, traditions, good morals and virtues not
homosexuality. Obama, an African, who by chance ‘ruling’ Americans claimed this week that ‘Uganda has stepped backwards if the president of Uganda goes ahead to sign the anti homosexuality bill.” President Museveni has already assured Ugandans that he is going
to kick homosexuality out of Uganda the same way he kicked out polio.

In a few years to come Uganda will no longer be interested in America’s donations because it discovered oil and its armed influence over other African countries grows ‘daily.’

Uganda is now an African super power and its leaders led by Museveni are busy crushing
Al-Shabab terrorists in Somali, punishing the Dr. Riek Machar rebels in Southern
Sudan, crushed all rebel groups in Uganda, Uganda army presence is felt in the Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi to mention but a few.


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