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Ugandans lazy and poorest, says professor Kagonyera



Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera, the Makerere University Chancellor has advised the youth in Uganda to work on how to solve what he has termed “the African contradiction” that has derailed the continent of Africa over the years.

Kagonyera, who praises proprietors for starting up projects that equip the youth and all Ugandans at large with constructive skills, says that the people of Uganda, especially the youth must use the knowledge they acquire to innovate and use the abundant resources on the continent of Africa to solve the problems of Uganda and Africa.

“The people of Africa are the poorest in the world and yet Africa is the most endowed continent in the world. That is the contradiction. But, why this contraction?” the professor wonders.

Kagonyera also implored the youth to harness the idea of “hard work” in order to unlock the poverty quagmire.

“Ugandans don’t want to work. They are lazy. One Chinese can do the work of 30 Ugandans. The other thing is that Ugandans are not honest. If you cannot be trusted, no one will give you their money so that you can start a business,” Proffesor Kagonyera adds.



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