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Ugandans urged to avoid obesity

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Ugandans have been called upon to avoid obesity by minding about how their day-to-day activities and
feeding habits affect their body size.

Dr. Henry Dungu who was speaking in Kampala on Saturday says that obesity is linked to Hypertension,
diabetes, strokes and several other diseases and everybody should struggle to avoid it. Obesity is a
result of having too much fat in one’s body.

Dungu who is part of the International campaign on obesity says that whenever you are gaining much
weight, you need to go and see a doctor to avoid any consequences that may result from being obese

He says that not all weight gain should be treated as obesity and doctors should help you know if you are suffering from obesity, which has been declared a serious health risk situation worldwide.

He urges people to engage in physical exercises, eat a balanced diet, avoid over eating foods with saturated carbohydrates and oils like chips and snacks among others.

Dr. Dungu however warns people especially women who starve themselves of food in an effort to remain slender, saying it may have disastrous effects on their lives.

He says any weight loss should be undertaken while maintaining a balanced and adequate diet.

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